My husband and I contacted the Lazarow Law Firm last year to request a consult about back taxes and collection efforts that were already in progress by the IRS. Lori Gray immediately called us back to discuss the facts and we had an appointment with Mr. Lazarow the same week. It was clear within the first five minutes of the meeting that Mr. Lazarow was an extremely efficient, skilled and practical attorney. In addition to having a high level skill set, Mr. Lazarow (and Ms. Gray) were compassionate, kind, non-judgmental and reassuring. We hired Mr. Lazarow on the spot. The law firm took over from that point and all communication with the IRS was done by their office. They kept us informed along the way and constantly reassured us that we could go back to our normal life. Mr. Lazarow resolved our issues within 3 months and got us a more favorable result than we could ever have imagined. Mr. Lazarow's experience, knowledge of the IRS rules and how the agency works is invaluable. The fees are so reasonable and worth every penny- plus some! Highly recommend the Lazarow Law Firm. Simply the best out there. Thank you!

– Tracie