Tax Debt

When you're facing IRS tax collection, you have options.

From an offer in compromise to an IRS installment agreement, Sheldon Lazarow, a tax lawyer based in Tucson, Arizona can help determine what remedies are available to you.

When you take into consideration today's turbulent economy and ever-evolving tax laws, it's easy even for well-meaning taxpayers to get behind on their taxes inadvertently, even to sums of $25,000 or more. Considering an IRS balance due reminder can give way quickly into a federal tax lien and intent to levy, you may be concerned about whether you'll lose your assets, wages or even your home.

Luckily, upon meeting with a tax lawyer in Tucson, Arizona you'll learn that doesn't have to happen. Legal avenues like an offer in compromise or an IRS installment agreement may be options for you.

We Work With You to Explore All Tax Collection Remedies at Your Disposal

Throughout every stage of your contact with Lazarow Law Firm, P.L.C., you'll find the staff friendly, helpful and approachable. At your initial consultation, we'll evaluate what remedies you may have at your disposal.

  • Offer in compromise – This is one of the least common and most complicated tax remedies, which requires the help of a tax lawyer. It allows you to pay only a fraction of the taxes owed.
  • IRS installment agreement – You may enter into a payment plan, in which you pay the IRS monthly.
  • Penalty abatement – You can file for this when you believe you have reasonable circumstances that would be acceptable to the IRS. This can be applicable in cases of a major illness, divorce, natural disaster, extended unemployment and more.
  • Innocent spouse defense – When one spouse omits income on a joint tax return and the other is not aware of the omission or even has reason to know about it, one might use this defense.
  • Dispute of errors – Was a Notice of Federal Tax Tax Lien (NFTL) filed incorrectly or not released after the limitation period?

You can expect that as we discuss what tax collection remedies may be available to you, we'll have to assess your tax history and any past agreements you have made with the IRS. In addition, we'll evaluate whether any technical errors on the part of the IRS may be at play, such as if the Collections Statute Expiration Date — typically 10 years — has passed, or whether you were given ample notice and opportunity to respond to the IRS. This means we'll have lots of questions to ask and information to review.

Because Sheldon Lazarow is a tax lawyer who has practiced law in Tucson since 1976, he'll be able to apply his extensive knowledge of not only tax collection and audit law, but also corporate, real estate and even marital dissolution law when settling your tax matter with the IRS. It's all in efforts to help put your mind at ease so you can move on with your life.

A Tax Lawyer in Tucson Willing to Work With You Every Step of the Way

Even when you're facing collection action from the IRS, you still have rights. Sheldon Lazarow is a tax lawyer in Tucson who can help you explore all legal avenues available and put your mind at ease. Don't let concerns about your home and livelihood eat away at you. Call us at 1-520-623-5856 or Toll Free at 1-833-264-3678 or fill out our online contact form.