Case Studies

A Single Father of a Special Needs Child Has Offer in Compromise Accepted By IRS

An automotive salesman struggling financially and raising his special needs child by himself found himself owing the IRS over $25,000. The IRS was in the process of taking his wages and the money out of his bank account. He was living from paycheck-to-paycheck and couldn't afford to lose any of his money. He hired Attorney Sheldon Lazarow who stepped in and immediately stopped the IRS levies of his client's money. Mr. Lazarow then filed an Offer in Compromise with the IRS office in Memphis, Tennessee.

After months of wrangling and negotiating, the IRS finally agreed to let Mr. Lazarow's client settle his tax debt for the sum of $2,957, a savings of almost 88%. The IRS also agreed to let the single father pay the $2,957 settlement in monthly installments of $125 for two years without interest.