When I met with Mr. Lazarow, I was lost in a morass of uncertainty regarding my federal income tax returns and the penalties assessed by the IRS. I felt certain that the IRS was in the wrong, but I didn't know how to get the situation rectified. Within a few minutes, Mr. Lazarow reviewed the documents I had submitted to the IRS and the communications I had received from them and he clearly explained what had happened and how I should go about rectifying it.

On a personal level, I found Mr. Lazarow personable, empathetic, and understanding. I particularly appreciated the fact that during my appointment, I received his undivided attention without interruptions from phone calls or other distractions. On a professional level, it was clear to me that he is a master of this area of his practice. My experience with attorneys is not very extensive, but I place him at the very top of the group with whom I have dealt in the past. When I discovered Mr. Lazarow on avvo.com, his rating was “superb” and I certainly agree with that rating. A final note worth mentioning is that his assistant was very helpful to me, as well as charming and lovely.

– Raymond G., Tucson