Case Studies

Lazarow Saves Couple’s Small Business and Obtains a 95% Reduction of Their Tax Debt

Due to an embezzlement of business funds by a Tucson couple's business manager they were not able to pay their employment taxes to the IRS. They accumulated a tax debt, including penalties and interest of $535,000. The IRS was closing in on the couple's business when they hired the Lazarow Law Firm to help them resolve what was turning into an ugly situation. Attorney Sheldon Lazarow interceded on behalf of the business and kept the IRS from closing it. When the IRS Revenue Officer refused to approve any reasonable resolution of the matter, Mr. Lazarow took his case to the IRS Office of Appeals. After lengthy negotiations he obtained a partial pay installment agreement for his clients. The IRS agreed to let them pay a total of $30,000 over five years in settlement of their $535,000 debt.

Mr. Lazarow also got the state Department of Revenue to hold the couple uncollectible on their state income tax debt that was accrued as part of their business problems.