Case Studies

Lazarow Law Firm Keeps IRS from Grabbing Family Man’s Entire Paycheck Before Christmas

The head of a family of four and his wife were barely making it financially from month-to-month. The family depended entirely on his biweekly paycheck. Just before Christmas the man got notice from his employer that they had received a notice of a wage levy from the IRS concerning him.  That meant that he wasn't going to get his next paycheck. The couple was frantic. It was Christmas.  If they didn't get that paycheck they wouldn't have sufficient money to pay their bills nor would they be able to provide their kids with a decent Christmas. They would be flat broke. They had no savings.

The couple hired the Lazarow Law Firm to save the paycheck and get them out of trouble with the IRS. It turned out that the couple had not done their tax return for a past tax year. It was explained to them that the tax return had to be done immediately or their was no way that they could be helped. By not filing the tax return when it should have been filed they were not compliant with the tax laws. The IRS will not work with people on tax debt remedies if they have not filed all of their tax returns.

The Lazarow Law Firm contacted the client's employer to determine exactly when the company made out their paychecks for their employees' next pay period. It was only about eight business days away. A lot of work had to be done before that date. The client was given a list of financial and other documents that had to be provided to the law firm so that their monthly disposable income could be calculated according to IRS methods. There was a lot to do and time was tight.

The clients couldn't gather all of the information that the IRS would want to make a determination as to whether they were going to agree to a remedy for the payment of the back taxes and release the levy on the man's wages. They did, however, get the unfiled taxes completed. It was the day before the employer was going to send the client's paycheck to the IRS. Attorney Sheldon Lazarow took the tax return and what financial information that the clients did have and went personally to the IRS field office to try to get the wage levy released.

After numerous hours of going over the couple's financial condition and attempts at negotiating some sort of resolution, the IRS representative would not release the levy. The IRS manager was called in and after lengthy discussions, she agreed that the wage levy would be released on a temporary basis, but that within the following two weeks the rest of the needed information had to be obtained and a small payment toward the taxes had to be made. The wage levy was released and faxed to the client's employer as Mr. Lazarow was sitting in the IRS office.

Mr. Lazarow then worked with the clients to help them meet the requirements set out by the IRS manager. Just after the new year, he took the rest of the information and went back to the IRS office. After further negotiation Mr. Lazarow arranged for the clients to get a very small monthly installment agreement to pay a portion of the back tax debt.