An IRS tax audit can be a difficult process without help from a tax attorney.

When Tucson residents and small business owners deal with tax return mistakes or employment tax debt in Arizona, they turn to Sheldon Lazarow.

For individual taxpayers and owners of small- and medium-sized businesses alike, nothing brings up a feeling of dread quite like the words “tax audit.” This can occur for many reasons — maybe a payroll mistake in a staff member's withholding status led to employment tax debt in Arizona, or you may be among the unfortunate and increasing number of small business owners to have been selected for a random audit.

In any case, if you've received a notice of audit from the IRS, one of the first things you'll do when you meet with Sheldon Lazarow, a tax attorney based in Tucson, is figure out what led to the audit. Then we'll delve into something just as important: what do about it.

Tax Attorney Sheldon Lazarow Will Step Between You and the IRS

When you have a business to run or a job to do, we know you don't have time to deal with IRS officials and their constant questions and scrutiny. Dealing with deductions that initially may be allowed then disqualified during the audit process can be tedious and expensive.

We will act as a buffer between you and the IRS. While some individuals or business owners may be hesitant to seek the help of a tax attorney in Tucson, others understand that the sum you would otherwise pay the IRS will outweigh legal fees substantially.

As small- and medium-sized businesses are audited more and more, Sheldon Lazarow works to level the playing field. Unlike large firms with assets of $250 million or more and armies of accountants and attorneys who can drag out an audit process for years, small business owners are perhaps most vulnerable to this kind of action.

You received a Notice of Tax Audit from the IRS. Now what?

Understanding what to do about a tax audit begins with understanding why you received the notice in the first place.

Attorney Sheldon Lazarow has been practicing law since 1976 and will use his extensive knowledge of tax collection and audit law to help you figure out what led to the tax audit, whether it was:

  • Unusually high business deductions;
  • A discrepancy between personal income and spending habits for individuals; or
  • Questionable Schedule C (business) entries, or
  • Reported investment questions

We'll guide you through the entire audit process, which means:

  • questioning an auditor's rationale when necessary;
  • advising you when to talk with an auditor;
  • how to organize and prepare your records; and more.

When Arizona Residents Get a Tax Audit Notice, We Know What to do Next

Even when you're facing a tax audit in Arizona, you still have rights.Sheldon Lazarow is a tax attorney based in Tucson who can help you explore all legal avenues available and put your mind at ease. Don't let concerns about your home, livelihood or business eat away at you. Call us at 1-520-623-5856, Toll Free at 1-833-264-3678 or fill out our online contact form.