Case Studies


TUCSON, ARIZONA. A medium-sized plumbing contractor owed multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid payroll taxes to the IRS. The firm went through some bad economic periods and could not pay any of the past due taxes. The tax debt was accumulated over many years.

The IRS was intent on collecting taxes from this company. Sheldon Lazarow developed a plan to make sure that the company kept current on all of its payroll deposits and tax filings in the future.

A very detailed financial statement was prepared for the company. Attorney Lazarow used the financial statement to negotiate with the IRS Revenue Officer that was assigned to the case and was able to get her to agree to hold the company uncollectible. That means that the IRS has closed their case and is not now trying to collect taxes from the company. This has given the company some breathing room allowing it to do business unimpeded and to get backĀ  on solid financial ground.

Sheldon Lazarow

Tucson, Arizona tax attorney Sheldon Lazarow aggressively resolves individual and business IRS tax debt and audit problems.