"They are the best at what they do and would recommend them to everyone with a tax problem. Lazarow Law I can't thank you enough."
Raymond M.


"For anyone that is looking for a great lawyer this is your man...Mr. Lazarow is the greatest and so wished we would of found him years ago...."
- Charmaine A.


"Mr. Lazarow's fees are very reasonable. We consider ourselves fortunate to have discovered Lazarow Law, and recommend this law firm to anyone who needs help with IRS problems.
- Ray D.


"I was tempted to just pay the IRS. Mr. Lazarow resolved the entire matter and I did not have to pay the IRS anything at all."
- James M.

Stop IRS Tax Collectors Cold!

What will you do when all your personal assets - including your house, car, cash and wages – are seized by the IRS to satisfy your back tax debt?

                                                Well, It Doesn't Have To Happen!

O. K. – So You Owe Money to the IRS

We know how stressful this is for you and your family.

When the IRS starts tax collection activities many people just like you are overcome with fear, anxiety and stress. 

All you really want is for somebody to take away your stress and worry and give you back your life.

You Need Protection from the IRS But Don't Know Who Can Really Help

Look, the IRS is the most powerful arm of the United States government.

They do business by using the tools of fear and intimidation.

IRS tax collectors are not your friends. 

The IRS does not advise you to do what is best for you. All they want is their money and, if you do not have protection, they will get it, even if they have to take it from you! 

The IRS really doesn't care about you or your family and don't let anybody tell you they do.

You have a problem and you know you must reach out to someone for help. But, who?

The Lazarow Law Firm Understands Your Situation

We have seen it all.

We have seen individuals from all walks of life and businesses that have been hounded unmercifully by the IRS.

We have guided them to a complete resolution of their problems so they could start fresh, new lives.

It is all that we do – protect people and businesses from the IRS.

There Is Light at the End of Your Tunnel

With a thorough knowledge of the law and many years of experience we know that there is always a tax remedy available for everybody.

Every case is different. Some are harder than others. Some take longer than others. Some are, frankly, more expensive than others. But, with knowledge and experience they all can be solved.

You can talk to us for free to see if we are a good fit to work together.

Claim Your Free Consultation And Take a Step toward a Brighter Future For You and Your Loved Ones

We know that many people are nervous about talking to a lawyer.

We understand.

Some people also think that a lawyer is unaffordable. Well, you may be surprised.

Look, that's why we provide a free consultation so you can see if you feel comfortable working with us and to get your questions answered.

Grab your free consultation now. What do you have to lose?

In the End, Life Will Be Sweet

When you get rid of the IRS it will feel like a huge weight is lifted off your shoulders.

You will be able to breathe again. You will be able to sleep again. You will live your life freely without always having to look over your shoulder.

In fact, you may not have to wait for these kinds of feelings. Many of our clients tell us they feel this way after their first meeting with us.

Back to the Future

Our guidance doesn't stop with just helping you solve your tax problem. We also will help guide you to avoid ever having the problem again.

Go Ahead, Call or Contact Us Now! You Won't Be Sorry.

Recent Case Results

  • TUCSON, ARIZONA. Tucson tax attorney, Sheldon Lazarow, represented a Tucson, Arizona couple before the IRS Appeals Division for a past due income tax debt of $88,000 plus accruing interst. The IRS was ready to levy money from the couples sole- proprietorship business and their various bank acco... Read On

  •  We just heard from an IRS Appeals Officer that she agreed to place a small corporation owned by a married couple into “Status 53” (Currently Not Collectible). The corporation was struggling due to health problems of one of the owners. The IRS Appeals Officer was presented with the Prof... Read On

  • A couple in their 80s owed the IRS in excess of $250,000. They were both in poor health and under constant care of doctors. Both were eventually unable to care for themselves and required constant daily care by private caregivers in their home. Although both were on Medicare, their caregivers, a... Read On


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